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Monday, December 31, 2007

Rajnikant Ad - Neo Sports

Our own Rajni Anna is on the move. He enters into a godown and with his apna annachi style, hits and fights all the so called "villains". Then one of the injured player calls out for their saviour -- a tall -- well built guy. But Anna is not scared he adjusts his hairs (the beautiful masterpiece) jumps and just gives the "tall-ly" an airy kick, sorry its not a single kick he repates the kick more than five times but the goon is un-effected. Our surprised Rajni Talaivar then comes with punch-package, in a fraction of second he punches countless strikes (Its Rajni Anna so couldn't count it exactly), but the goon does not do anything because -- He is our own "Non-Striker**" -- Appa Cricket Simblified :)

** Non-Striker : The non-striker stands inactive near the bowler's wicket.

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