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Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Vodafone Advertisement | Happy to help - Vodafone Customer Care

First of all apologizing for not being active for couple of months.

Well the latest ad from "Vodafone" is fantasic, the ad goes like this:
A small child getting ready for school and searching for her socks, and eventually the "Hutch" banner-pet now Vodafone pet comes with the socks and deleivers it to her. The concept is very simple but has been very creative. Especially the tag line:

Happy to help
Vodafone Customer Care

Good work Vodafone Advertising team !! I loved all the ads that were presented for this task, they are fantastic & enjoyable.

Looking forward to such beautiful ads from you. Thanks for entertaining us.

Below are other ads from the same series:

Vodafone Happy to help ad

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