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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Neo Sports - PowerPlay Ad

Now this ad is fantastic, created with a masterpiece thinking.

The ad goes like this:

"A sweet old lady is getting ready to sleep. With her nighties on and gently combing the hair makes her look really beautiful. Bang opposite there is another room where an oldie (guy) is also on his way to bed. Now is the real interesting part, both of their eyes get locked with each other. They pass a sweet smile and send cupid signals.

To show his feeling the "hero" toggles the tubelight switch in his bedroom, the "diva" reciprocrates doing the same and this continues for a while and then comes the message --

"Power Play"** -- Cricket Simplified -- Neo sports -- " -- :)

This is a creative masterpiece. The way the ad carries you is awesome.

The message is simple - "To understand the meaning of "PowerPlay" watch Neo Sports."

This ad really tickle my bones. I give an out-of score for this creation

**A Powerplay is a new (2006) rule concerning fielding restrictions in One-Day International (ODI) cricket.

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