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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Indian Advertising Reviews - The objective


The core objective of creating this blog is to have an interactive discussion and reviews about the advertisments that are run on television, radio, internet etc..

Every individual seeing these ads might have or I feel, definitely has a review or a critical comment - that is it-- that's what we will be doing over here - discussing the comments and might be suggest a better idea as on how an ad could have been created.

We are also here to discuss the latest happening in the media industry, mainly advertisements - it might be bollywood (the most spicy & sizzling section), the consumable industry, finance section and all other possible segments where advertisment plays an important role (I hope this is probably a sarcastic statement - advertisement is important for all the industry segments.)

So folks lets get "CRITICAL"


1 comment:

Jane said...


Seems to be an interetsing concept. I have one question, will these ads be selected by you and the users will be commenting on it?

Hoping to see some decent reviews over here.